Willem the Magical Headed Baby

Dear little Willem, a beautiful baby. He was a special baby with a special head. Willem’s family, however, thought him a regular baby, but one day something happened that made them change their minds.

One night Willem’s Great Aunt Fuzzydoos was reading a book in the parlor. Right at the most important part of the story the light bulb blew out. There were no more light bulbs to be found in the house. From the corner of her eye, she spotted Willem crawling on the floor. His head began to glow, like a bright light. She picked Willem up and shouted, “You wonderful baby!” She used his head as a light source to finish reading the rest of the book.

Willem Bulb

Later that evening, Willem’s mommy wanted a cup of tea. She turned on the stove and waited for the kettle whistle to blow. And she waited. And waited. And waited.

Aunt Fuzzydoos came into the kitchen to get some water and asked, “Whatever are you two doing?” Willem’s mommy said, “Waiting for the tea to boil.” Aunt Fuzzydoos exclaimed, “Oh no the stove is broken. I forgot to tell you.”

Just then little Willem’s head turned crimson. His mommy laid her chin on Willem’s shiny red-head. She screamed, “Ouch, your head is hot!” Aunt Fuzzydoos exclaimed, “He is a treasure! Cook the tea on his lovely head.” When Willem cooed and sighed the kettle whistle blew. Aunt Fuzzydoos and Willem’s mommy had the best cup of tea they ever had.

One day Willem’s family was watching the news on the telly. They watched a story about the fighting between the people who lived far away in the desert. Willem’s head glowed white and red as they watched the newscast. The family figured out that little Willem wanted to help the people of the desert.

Needed at the UN

Needed at the UN

Willem, his mommy, and Aunt Fuzzydoos got on a plane to New York City. They all went to the United Nations which is a place where they try to help people fighting in the desert.

Aunt Fuzzydoos placed a gadget over Willem’s ears so that he could understand what was being said. Willem was told that the people in the desert are fighting because there is not enough rich fertile land for all that live there. In his own Willem way, he told everyone that he could solve the problem.

Willem took a plane to the desert airport. From the airport, he rode Migsy the Camel to the middle of the desert. He scrunched his entire face and it turned all the colors of the rainbow. Clouds began to form above him and it began to rain. It rained and it rained.



Then, plants and grass and trees began to grow. The people of the desert were so happy that they didn’t have to fight over fertile land that they told Willem he could take Migsy home with him.

Willem and Migsy returned home to a big party. But, the stove was still broken and everyone was very hungry. The magical little baby that was so tired from saving the desert let his family cook three dozen eggs on his magnificent head. Then, he fell fast asleep. It can be so exhausting having a magical head.

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6 thoughts on “Willem the Magical Headed Baby

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    I knew naming my son Dennis was a bad idea – I really wanted a WIlliam with such a wonderful head. Cathy this is great. Kids – schmids – adults will eat this stuff up…hehehehe

  2. vimal says:

    amazing, cat! 🙂

    nice stuff.

  3. midaevalmaiden says:

    Hello Nutty Squirrel, I loved it. Gimme more. I LOVE childrens tales.

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